Monday, July 4, 2011


...look into it.

images via oracle fox, urban outfitters, topshop, net-a-porter, zara 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


although it's only been a few weeks since we got back from portugal, it already feels like forever. now i'm stuck in this dreamy mindset and can't stop thinking about where to go next... my thoughts are filled with images of wooded paths, patches of sunlight in lush forests, open meadows, secret swimming holes, tousled hair, crochet and lace. 

                                                                                all images courtesy of weheartit.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

love this home

This is just a seasonal summer home, but it still looks so lived in. I love the starkness of crisp white mixed with the organic knotted wood blocks, the industrial kitchen that still manages to feel warm, the pops of black and white throughout, brighty airy spaces and wide open windows.

                                                   images courtesy of re-nest

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Savage Beauty

These are just a few pieces from the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET showing until August 4th.. Oh how I wish I could go... The exhibit features pieces meant to show the "contrasting opposites" in his collections.

I'm drawn the most to the Romantic Primitivism and Romantic Gothic and Cabinet of Curiosities.
Organized by the Costume Institute, this is definitely not one to miss... if you're in the area.


Friday, April 29, 2011

a beautiful night

The Bruce Silverstein Gallery in NYC is currently showing and exhibition through June 4th titled "Night". With photos from leading influential photographers of the 20s and 30s like Ilse Bing, Brassal, Andre Kertesz and my personal favorite, Robert Doisneau, the exhibit centers around photographic images made at night, a relatively unheard of technical capability at the time.

From Hungary to Paris to New York, these provocative pictures evoke a stillness that sticks with you long after you've viewed them. For those in NYC, check it out!

photos courtesy of flavorwire.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


While I don't believe in regrets... I do seem to have a few fashion related ones these days, especially as I pack for my Portugal trip (HIP! HIP!). On a separate note, I now realize I have not updated this blog in close to a month - yet another regret... but I digress.

Below are a few of my latest woes as my daydreams of summer and daydreams of my sun-drenched European vacation with my fellow newlywed get closer to reality.

Acne Amon blouse - oh I love it. 

Jeffrey Campbell Nation - would have gotten tons of use out of these babies! 

Topshop Bikini - tres chic! 

Jeffrey Campbell wedges - only through urban outfitters

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I used to have a thing with gold... mainly that I didn't like it. It didn't stem from anything in particular, other than I foolishly thought it was too mature for my style. Now I love it. Ghetto, heirloom, delicate or bold - I don't discriminate. BRVTVS (pronounced "Brutus") is a line I am currently coveting. Designed by Caroline Ventura, named after history's most famous back-stabber and inspired by her love for menswear tailoring, BRVTVS is comprised of pieces that are equal parts delicate and restrained. Backed by a humorous tagline encouraging us to forget BRVTVS's dark past and "be friends", I personally couldn't agree more. I'll start with the Portia bracelet.

Dagger Earrings

Porcia Bracelet

Double Chain Ring

Calpurnia Necklace