Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Japan on the Brain...

After a moderate heartbreak following the Japan loss this morning in the World Cup, I thought I would quell those bad feelings with some new retail research for my upcoming trip to Japan. Muji came to mind. I have loved Muji for years. On the outside it appears as your typical "all-purpose" store - but Muji has a conscience. Their products are formed without "unnecessary functionality, an excess of decoration and needless packaging". What is left is a simple and modern product designed for its exact use. With online stores in Spain and the U.S., a trip to Japan isn't necessary to experience the clean-lined aesthetic of Muji. Here are some of my picks:

I always carry around a notebook in my purse - for anything: new music, a new designer, store to re-visit, or an inspirational thought.

This is a great bag for summer. In wool, it will work well into the fall as well.

Cardboard speakers? Perfect for a beach picnic. At only $38, you won't get too bummed out if they get sandy.

Everyone needs a funky hanky. Pick one up of your favorite city. Mine is Paris.

Packing light? Stuff your case with a couple of these shrink wrapped t-shirts. Just stand in a steamy bathroom to de-wrinkle.